Spinal Cord Injuries

A Significant Impact

The spinal cord can be damaged at any level and to a varied extent. Suffering a spinal cord injury often results in significant life changes. When the accident that causes a spinal cord injury was the result of another person’s negligence, it can be difficult to figure out how to move forward and what to do first. This is a very trying time for the victim and their family both physically and emotionally. Our team at Graves and Richard can help.

Our lawyers are experienced in working with the victims of spinal cord injuries and their families and can coordinate a team of specialists to determine your best course of treatment. We can be your advocate and work to secure insurance benefits and other means to maximize your compensation and ease part of your burden following such a serious accident.

The Help You Need

At Graves and Richard, we will work with you and the insurance company to secure the resources you need. The services you may require include, but are not limited to, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, attendant care, vocational counseling, wheelchair assistance, and home modification. In some instances, a professional case manager may be appointed to coordinate these services as your claim develops.

Additionally, your injury may leave you unable to work and provide for your family. We will work on your behalf to secure long-term disability benefits through your insurance provider and/or Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Our staff at Graves and Richard is skilled and experienced in the area of spinal cord injuries. We will work with you and your family with kindness and compassion to determine the best avenues for seeking the compensation you need now and into the future.

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Contacting us as quickly as possible following a spinal cord injury will allow us to help you without delay. Contact our office in St. Catharines at 905-641-2020 for a free one-hour consultation. You will see how we can make this time easier for you. With our understanding, compassion, and experience, we can help you move forward with the services you need and help you obtain the means to pay for them.